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The Centralized Ink Supply System

The centralized ink supply system is developed based on the ideas of “clean, efficient and intelligent”. Its automatic stirring apparatus is able to guarantee good liquidity of printing ink even in chilly winter so as to save lots of production preparation time. Ultrasonic wave sensors are used to detect the distribution of printing ink in the ink pond in real time. Fully automatic ink supply can avoid quick ink consumption and lack of ink in major ink zones as well as frequent ...

Paper bag packaging printing ink

The printing ink packaging and solid waste treatment solution: PEONY paper bag printing ink uses imported food grade kraft paper as raw material and exclusive patented Nano coating technology. Inside the paper bag six layers of organic Nano coating are applied to achieve the same oxygen barrier effect as iron can; after the printing ink in the paper bag runs out, the leftover is only 0.3%, far less than 7% inside an iron can. That can solve the service wear and ...

Paper bag packaging printing ink supply device

Hand-held ink extruder can be used for several ink fountains, it’s flexible and cost-effective. It’s easy and simple to handle and induction performance is efficient. Use lithium battery, it can squeeze 200 bags of paper bag packaging ink on a single charge.
This device is a bracket free design, easy for installation. Due to supply ink on the edge of the ink fountain, ink will not draw and this design will keep the equipment clean and tidy.It can hold...

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